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Product development

We provide high-quality products and services at the most affordable price. We supervise and maintain the whole production process according to the laws and regulations standards.


> Research and Development: Together with our customers; we research and check all specifications of the products. We convert the wishes of our customers into the development of a new product.

> Prototyping and quality control: Our customers can order the samples. Together with our specialists and customers we do assessment and quality control.

> Packiging: The purpose of the packaging is to deliver damage-free products and alongside the visual part of the packaging, the marketing; how does the customer or end-user experience the total package.

> Certification: It is our responsibility to ensure that the product complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Production & Purchasing

With our experience and professional colleagues, we can manage the entire production and purchasing process.


> Supplier Selection: Whatever the nature of the product, we will select the right supplier, all over the world.

> Production: We keep a close eye on the production and everything that goes with it.

> Order management: With our competences, the communication tools and system we can follow the development of the production step by step.

> Quality Control: Our specialists check and safeguard the quality of products throughout the entire production process.


We take the responsibility to deliver your orders at the indicated place within an agreed time. During the transport process, together with the transport companies, we actively follow the transport delivery process.


> Planning: With our innovative systems we manage planning accurately and transparently.

> Transportation: Depending on the requirements, we will select the most suitable transport method.

> Order fulfilment: We ensure that the orders are executed carefully and completely with current IT and communication tools.

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